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Mental Health

Mayo Clinic is a nonprofit organization involved in clinical practice as well as education and research. Mayo Clinic's page on mental health provides facts about common conditions, warning signs, treatment, and more

Balanced Mind Foundation

This resource has information to educate families and the public audience about depression, bipolar disorder and mood disorder. This resource also adds productivity and relaxation activities such as information, message boards, chat rooms and lists of practitioners. This focuses on easing the mind and also understanding how these mental health disorders work.

Juvenile Bipolar Research Foundation

This resource has information on how to support young people who have an early onset bipolar disorder. It also discusses the research processes used to help these children, and also has information on TSDD which is known as fear of harm. There are research articles on this website to further emphasize how purposeful researching is for this disorder.

Mental Health America 

This resource has information about a nonprofit organization that advocates for mental health. Celebrating 115 years, they have been known to offer many youth programs and screenings to help individuals experiencing a mental illness. They provide literature, referrals, technical assistance and more to help their community. 

Boston Youth Sanctuary

This article contains a therapeutic after school program for youth ages 6-11 who experienced traumatic events. There is a strong emphasis on nurture and care for the students who join the paragraph, and the sense of community is strong due to understanding how traumatic events affect young children.

The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) has developed a guide on fostering open and effective conversations about child mental health for parents. This guide provides parents with specific strategies, talking points, tips, and important considerations they can utilize when speaking to their child about mental health. 

American Mental Health Counselors Association

This article contains information about a membership organization for mental health counselors. There is also information on how to be a mental health counselor, to emphasize the importance of being knowledgeable in that career field. Resources to find a counselor and to learn about professional ethics are in the article as well.

Alliance of Hope for Suicide Survivors

This resource has information to support people who have been affected by suicide. This can range from having thoughts about suicide, losing loved ones to suicide and more. To emphasize the support, there are blogs and support groups to bring people together for healing. Mental Health counselors are seen as the host along with trained moderators, and memorials are posted to show condolences for the people who lost lives.

 North Suffolk Mental Health Association

This resource is about a community-based service to those who are experiencing mental illness and more. It also talks about confronting emotional difficulties, developing disabilities, substance abuse and more. These are sociological situations that many people go through, and making this resource community based shows the passion of helping these people.

Center Club, Inc.

This resource has information on providing rehabilitation services for individuals experiencing mental illnesses. This organization also offers employment, housing and education services with social activities, wellness initiatives, and advocacy using a holistic approach that is highly empowering. With these benefits, it creates a sense of community to help individuals in the Boston area.

The TLC Foundation for Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors offers a wide variety of educational resources surrounding body-focused repetitive behaviors. This organization also provides information on finding help and support.

Anxiety and Depression Association of America

 This resource has information and promotes prevention, treatment and cure of anxiety disorders. Due to there being a vast amount of individuals who are experiencing depression and anxiety, this organization emphasizes the importance of working to improve the lives of individuals who are affected by anxiety disorders.

 Freedom From Fear

This resource has information to advocate for the help of individuals who have been affected by mental health disorders. They range from anxiety to depression and other disorders that the individual may have experienced. Education and research are examples of how this organization helps people who have been impacted from these disorders, along with building a sense of community.

National Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health (NFFCHM)

This resource has information to help individuals experience mental illnesses. It has information about symptoms, the effect it has on families, support, getting involved and more. The term alliance emphasizes the connection and understanding the organization has about mental health. They have 120 chapters to focus on the issues of children and youth with emotional, behavioral or mental health needs.  They’re strong advocates for helping their community, with many different platforms to do so.

Boston Center for Psychotherapy

This resource provides information about consultation for students in school. It revolves around the classroom environment, the management of the workload and more. Also, this organization in the Boston Area has a strong focus on student counseling in groups or on an individual consensus in order to strengthen their well-being in the school environment.

The National Institute of Mental Health (NIH) provides an overview of child mental health. This detailed overview is designed to guide parents through addressing child mental health, from determining whether a child is experiencing mental health issues to seeking treatment and working with the child’s school. The NIH also provides additional information and resources on symptoms, treatment, and support for childhood mental health disorders. 

This page was last updated on: 04/15/2024
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