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Ask the Expert

The “Ask the Expert Series” is a project inspired by our advisory board and developed by Chris Walsh Center Interns.  Our interns will be working to build a library of 7–10-minute videos that provide a personalized and detailed explanation of topics of concern for families of children with disabilities, gifted children and children with unmet needs.  The experts in these videos are professionals with expertise in fields such as education, law and social services who have agreed to answer some of the questions that we receive most often.   

What is Dyslexia and what are the earliest indicators? What can teachers and families do to support Dyslexic children?


How do STEM teachers think about accommodations and inclusion for students with IEP's?

View the transcript.


What is the Federation for Children with Special needs and how does it help children who have special needs?

View the transcript.


What is guardianship?

View the transcript.


This page was last updated on: 06/16/2022
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