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Gifted and Advanced Learners

This page contains information from the Massachusetts Board of Elementary and Secondary Education’s Gifted and Talented Education Advisory Council. Links to its meeting schedules, current reports, and further resources to check out are included.

This page also from the National Association of Gifted Children provides links to the answers to common questions from parents regarding formal and informal indicators that children may be considered gifted. Parents can explore their information about Tests and Assessments and the process of How a Gifted Child is Identified.

The goal of the Massachusetts Association for Gifted Education (MAGE) is to support the needs of gifted children and promote the establishment of programs and opportunities for their enrichment and success. It provide resources pages with general information, programs, competitions, counselors, books and organizations, and advice and support. Check out its pages specific For Parents and For Educators.

The free resources page from Free Spirit Publishing includes a number of webinars to view, posters to download, and books and guides to read at no cost to parents or teachers. Free Spirit Publishing is the leader in social and emotional learning, and it has been recognized as a leader in meeting the needs of gifted and advanced learners especially.

This page from the National Association of Gifted Children outlines examples of how to approach the education of gifted learners and explains the difference between good and inappropriate instruction for gifted learners. These tips and best practices can be very useful for educators curious how to best accommodate the needs of their gifted students and for parents looking to advocate for their child.

The Young Scholars Program is free for gifted students and their families, and it provides an opportunity to connect and engage with others with similar needs. The program offers consultants, summer events and conferences, and an online community of more resources and support.

This page was last updated on: 07/02/2021
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