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Neurological Impairment

This page holds the current legal definition for neurological impairment according to Massachusetts special education law.

This page from the Child Neurology Foundation (CNF) outlines the definition and causes of neurological disorders, along with an overview of brain development and functioning. The CNF’s Peer Support Program is a great option for parents looking to learn and connect with parents who have been on a similar journey with diagnosis, treatment, and management. More information can be accessed here

This page offers a great overview of what a traumatic brain injury (TBI) is, the common signs of a TBI and difficulties children may encounter, and information about what help is available. The site provides information and tips for both parents and educators looking to learn more about how best to support their student.

This article has an emphasis on awareness and treatment of Angelman Syndrome. The resources from this foundation include education, information and support for families with Angelman Syndrome. There's also events people can attend too for more information, emphasizing the foundation's message on spreading awareness of this genetic disorder to help individuals in need. 

This resource connects children and parents with information on strategies for helping children in the classroom, the process of diagnosis, modified lesson plans, and general advice. This page presents different resources specific to each neurological disorder, and though it may be 10 years old, the advice provided is a great place to start.

This page presents a great overview about concussions in kids’ sports, including what occurs inside the brain, signs of concussions to look out for, and guidelines for recovery.

This resource provides recommendations for parents on how to advocate for their child’s needs in the classroom and information on options to explore beyond the regular classroom. While this page is over 10 years old and specifics may vary today, its empowering advice on advocacy remains relevant and useful.

This resource from NY-based neurologists walks through the different causes of neurological disorders in children and the major early signs and symptoms to look out for. The sooner a neurological impairment is identified, the better the opportunity for the child to benefit from its treatment and minimize associated difficulties.

The HEADS UP Concussion in Youth Sports initiative offers information and training regarding concussion prevention, recognition, and response. Specific guides are presented for coaches, parents, sports officials, and young athletes.

This page was last updated on: 06/09/2021
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