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Online / Remote Teaching and Learning

This article highlights the problems that have arisen for disabled students in the remote learning environment. It is a helpful resource for caregivers and educators seeking to understand how remote learning is impacting students and how they can help alleviate these burdens. The article was written specifically considering the COVID-19 pandemic, so pandemic-specific information should be double checked.

This webpage provides a compilation of remote learning resources broken down by discipline and disability. It is an excellent resource for educators seeking to improve the remote learning environment for disabled students.

This resource sponsored by the Illinois State Board of Education discusses how autistic students can be better supported during remote learning. It is an ideal resource for caregivers seeking to provide more structure at home while their autistic student engages in remote learning. The guide is from 2020 and highlights problems exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, so date-sensitive and pandemic-specific information should be double-checked.

This article highlights how remote learning could have been beneficial for students with disabilities, including anxiety. It is a particularly helpful read for parents of students with similar disabilities or educators seeking to better support their students with such disabilities. This article outlines one perspective and should not be conflated to cover all experiences of disabled students in remote learning.

This resource offers educators a variety of tips for how to support their students’ mental health, especially when they aren’t seeing them face-to-face every day. Though learning has been returning to an in-person setting as the pandemic evolves, these strategies remain relevant as students face their emotional and social challenges. Teachers are encouraged to emphasize social emotional learning, strengthen students’ relationships with each other, incorporate hands-on activities, and introduce mindfulness and relaxation techniques in the classroom.

This page was last updated on: 06/09/2021
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