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Sibling Supports

Here the ARC discusses why sibling supports are necessary and provides resources and advocacy information on the subject. It even offer ways that you can get involved in its advocacy efforts. It is a helpful resource for caregivers of a child with intellectual and developmental disabilities who has a sibling(s).

Massachusetts Sibling Resources

This links you to a resource compilation for Massachusetts-specific sibling support resources, such as Sibshops, Special Needs Financial Planning, and more. It is an ideal resource for parents, caregivers, and older siblings of disabled individuals looking to best support themselves and/or their children who are siblings of a disabled individual. Please browse for more Massachusetts-specific sibling support information, resources, and involvement opportunities.

This webpage offers numerous books, guides, and other resources to support siblings of children with disabilities. It is a great resource for parents and caregivers looking to better support their children who are siblings of a disabled child. Explore further for additional information and resources on sibling supports. They even offer free “sibshops” virtually and in person.

Here you will find an overview of the Massachusetts-specific sibling support services, programs, and research the Eunice Kennedy Shriver Center offers. It has programs, including  Sibling Support Program: A Family-Centered Mental Health Initiative, education and trainings for sibling support, and more. It is a great resource for Massachusetts families seeking robust sibling support, especially with a focus on mental health.

This webpage provides an overview of the importance of support for siblings of autistic children and provides three free guides for parents, teenage siblings, and younger siblings. It is an excellent resource for parents seeking to support their children.

This page was last updated on: 07/02/2021
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