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Special Education Laws and Procedures

This site gives an easy-to-understand overview of the IDEA, why it is important, and how it functions. It also discusses other Laws for Children with Disabilities. Given that it is a government site about the federal law, information should be accurate and up-to-date.

This resource provides in-depth guidance on special education in Massachusetts. The guide even provides sample letters and other materials for parents to use to advocate for their child. This is an ideal resource for parents looking to start the special education process with their child(ren). The guide was published in 2018, so date-specific information should be double-checked.

This resource outlines the process of Child Find and takes a deeper dive into how it works, the process of evaluations, and accountability measures for schools. The article is written in plain language, and it is an excellent resource for parents who are at the beginning of the special education enrollment process and for educators who want to get more familiar with Child Find.

This Massachusetts Department of Education webpage outlines Massachusetts’ Individualized Education Program, and it provides all the necessary information and forms to carry on with the special education process. It is a launchpad to get the process started for caregivers who have a basic understanding of Massachusetts’ special education laws and for educators looking to understand the procedures more.

This resource supports parents and organizations that support special education by using plain language to guide them through the process. It is a great resource for parents and educators alike who are looking to get a foundational understanding of special education in Massachusetts. There is no date published for the guide, so date-specific information should be double-checked.

This webpage takes a deep dive on the legalities of special education in Massachusetts, listing all state and federal laws and regulations pertinent to special education. It’s an ideal resource for caregivers and educators from Massachusetts who are familiar with special education and experienced within the law and policy space.

This page was last updated on: 07/02/2021
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