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Specific Learning Disability

Here the Massachusetts Department of Education states the federal definition of specific learning disabilities and provides additional organizations and resources on the topic.

This article outlines 10 ways educators can identify students with potential learning disabilities in the classroom. It provides specific examples and is helpful for educators looking to be more proactive and supportive in regard to learning disabilities.

This guide offers a comprehensive overview of dyslexia in the classroom and how teachers can best support students with dyslexia. It is an excellent resource for educators familiar with dyslexia and those looking to take a deeper dive into accessible teaching strategies. The guide was published in 2017, so date-specific information should be double checked. Check out for more information on dyslexia.

This site offers an easy-to-understand overview of dysgraphia and strategies for students with dysgraphia. It’s an excellent resource for parents and educators seeking to learn more about dysgraphia and how to best support their students. It does not have a publishing date, so date-specific information should be double checked.

This resource provides a list of specific learning disabilities (and related disabilities) with additional information for each category of disability. It is a great place to start for caregivers and educators unfamiliar with learning disabilities.

This webpage provides a comprehensive overview of specific learning disabilities in the classroom as well as teaching and assessment strategies to better support students with learning disabilities. It is an ideal resource for educators looking for new ways to create an inclusive classroom for students with specific learning disabilities. This source is from Australia, so any location-specific information should be double-checked.

This page contains helpful tips and resources for parents of students with dyslexia, especially to support their reading endeavors. It has examples, research articles, videos, and more to guide parents. Browse for a deeper dive into dyslexia. 

In May 2021, the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education released an updated set of guidelines on Dyslexia. This 81-page document was then summarized by the Chris Walsh Center.

This article by the Mayo Clinic discusses learning disabilities by skill impacted, causes of specific learning disabilities, treatment options, and more. It is most useful for caregivers wanting to better understand their child’s learning disability/ies.

This site outlines the evaluation process for special education and other related services; there is a section particularly focused on specific learning disabilities as well. This is an excellent resource for parents looking to take a deeper dive into policies and steps surrounding the evaluation process for their student. Take a look at for more information on learning disabilities and resources for parents specifically.

This page defines dyscalculia and provides examples of how it may present itself in students. It’s a great starting point for parents and educators interested in learning more about dyscalculia. Check out for more detailed information on diagnosis, intervention options, and more.

This page was last updated on: 06/09/2021
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